eager for insight


The work of life review, leading to life resolution, releases us from our story. It is the work of self-inquiry. It engenders a liberation into the freedom of presence- into experiential attention, free from narrative. Opening the heart liberates us from the limitations of fear. It is here that we enter into awareness beyond self. It brings us to communion, directly into love. It is one of the great task and the great joys of a human experience. Opening the mind is to make space in the mind. It emancipates our attention from the distractions of assumptions and reactions. It also frees us from our beliefs, from all that we think we know. It allows entrance into the wonder of the great mystery and the wisdom clarity of direct knowing. It, also, is an essential task of awakening. ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

there is no map of awakening, only a fierce paradigm……when we pry open our hearts to allow storms to pass through, we then know our depths…….

When I realized my true being,

I left behind my human nature to look after itself,

until its destiny is exhausted.


old horizons

Let there be

an opening

into the quiet

that lies beneath

the chaos,

where you find

the peace

you did not think


and see what shimmers

within the storm.

~Jan Richardson

4 thoughts on “eager for insight

  1. How easy to lose sight of the calm within when the sensory world and its glamour surrounds us with its distractions – whether beauty or disharmony … Like the prospector slowly digging through the mines of life we seek the clarity of a crystal spring – the free flowing waters of life that lie beneath waiting calmly to feel our touch again …

  2. “When we pry open our heart to allow storms to pass through, we then know our depths.” Yes, that resonates for me along with the quote from Jan Richardson. Currently my life is in chaos and I’m caught between wanting to struggle through to that inner rock, but fear losing the ability to function while in the process. Thanks for reinforcing the call to risk it.

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