engaged beauty


One of the keys to spiritual growth is consistent focus on our soul ideal. This practice accelerates the infusion of soul energy and light into the mind, emotions, and behaviors of the personality. We can use our ideals to invoke soul awareness in our consciousness. Ideals are the source of our courage and integrity because they become our personal soul standards. They’re not coming from outside us- from another person, our religion, or our community demanding that we follow their values. Rather, our ideal is our own soul standard for the quality of our purpose and motivation. The fact that it is our personal internal standard is what makes it so powerful. With experience, our understanding and ability to apply our ideals will grow. Remember, the journey from the unintegrated personality to the soul-infused personality is a path to our core Self, leading to a deep abiding faith in our own inner wisdom. The more we are guided by our intuitive soul nature, the more constructive an the more powerful are the results we create in any area of our life. ~Susan Wisehart

contemporary life is what we live, yes?….or maybe it’s some chaotic revelation of fine, old archetypal remnants integrated with nuanced experience……all of it reveals pure awareness and exquisite clarity….

That every creature witnesses to the Divine Wisdom by way of its beauty is an amazing observation. How precious every tree, bush, star, bird, animal, species, person becomes. Imagine that: witnessing to the Divine Wisdom by way of our beauty. How important it must be for every creature to become as beautiful as it can in every way so that it may be the witness it is meant to be to some great, ineffable, mysterious beauty and wisdom. by meditating on the beauty of creation and the wisdom of it we are drawn into transformation ourselves. We learn respect, reverence, wonder, and gratitude. We are changed by the experience. We get in touch with our own wisdom. ~Matthew Fox

how we begin

You are more beautiful than soul, more useful than eyes.

Whatever I have seen in myself, I did not see it.

You saw. You chose me.

2 thoughts on “engaged beauty

  1. Integration of self and spirit – is that not what we call soul, and isn’t this the realization of the spirit within, the animus mundi … The blessed knowledge of the foundation of existence through consciousness as purpose

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