into the deep blue of self


Thoreau got up each morning and walked to the woods

as though he had never been where he was going to,

so that whatever was there

came to him like liquid into an empty glass.

~John Cage

there’s never really been a non spiritual truth……we live it whether we like it or not, know it or not, or live it or not……we feed each other….we live out our life as it is…..we breathe this life…..we are life…….

Intuition comes from a Latin word that means “to keep watch over.” To be intuitive is to be prepared to see some new kind of information or insight that is faint and passing. Intuitions come and go quickly. You have to watch for them. You need something like a dreamcatcher, a feathery net, to grasp them when they appear. As I get older, I become more intuitive and live more from intuition than facts. I have to watch for intuitions, grab them before they disappear, evaluate them rather quickly, and then trust the ones I decide to keep. Strong powers of intuition are useful and maybe necessary to establish a religion of one’s own. It’s a subtle business to grasp the hidden truths in nature and in oneself, to know how and when to act, and to appreciate mysteries when thy are in play. Intuition is more like contemplation and meditation than research and experiment. It is more interior, more subtle, less provable, and more elusive.Most people understand a spiritual path to be one that leads upwards ad beyond, but Carl Jung was aware that it may bring us back into a deeper and creative chaos, a state of origins and beginnings that allows new life to form, a process of transformation that is a long and wearisome opus, not a brief and exciting rebirth. Some don’t have the stomach for it and give up. A religion of one’s own is a process, not a static state, with forward and backward movements. You need your intuition in high gear to stay close to developments and to know where to go next. ~Thomas Moore

what spirit says

Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops-
I love the rain.

~Langston Hughes

4 thoughts on “into the deep blue of self

  1. Intuition is the step beyond intellect. Some would say intellect clarifies … They see only through the senses. Wisdom – intuition clarifies by letting us see that the haze scatters the light, and the colors blend and merge into art, into beauty, into love …

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