the empty cup

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Our resistance can take many forms. They might be a silent withdrawal, apathy, running away, talking incessantly, defending and challenging, constantly being busy, ignoring or pretending not to understand, being critical, or making excuses. Resistance is like placing a hand over the opening to a cup. Nothing can come into or be poured out of the cup. So, too, with our spiritual life. ~Joyce Rupp

the image of the cup, full and empty, mended and worn…..a symbol of home and renewal, of hope and depth…….maybe we can sip slowly, rekindle commitments, move forward with vitality and with the full immensity of our one life……

Waiting is endless. I wait because I am powerless to do anything else. I wait because what I most treasure is what is deepest within and protected by silence. Out of waiting comes patience. Out of accepting my powerlessness comes strength and love and the courage to dare. ~Christin Lore Weber

for all that is chipped & flawed

It takes a long time to sift through the more superficial voices of your own gift in order to enter into the deep signature and tonality of your Otherness. When you speak from that deep, inner voice, you are really speaking from the unique tabernacle of your own presence. There is a voice within you that no one, not even you, has ever heard. Give yourself the opportunity of silence and begin to develop your listening in order to hear, deep within yourself, the music of your own spirit.  ~John O’Donohue

2 thoughts on “the empty cup

  1. The empty cup, like a bell is filled with the sounds of our soul, the waves rise and fall, in seasons, like the wind, cold, warm, or hot, they carry with them a message from another time and place … That we are loved, beyond measure …

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