heady roses

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Under the summer roses

When the flagrant crimson

Lurks in the dusk

Of the wild red leaves,

Love, with little hands,

Comes and touches you

With a thousand memories,

And asks you

Beautiful, unanswerable questions.

~Carl Sandburg

where can we lift up into the sweetness of our life? what exactly is the process of becoming? imagine…..

There is something formless yet complete

That existed before heaven and earth.

How still! How empty!

Dependent on nothing unchanging.

All pervading. Unfailing.

One may think of it as the

mother of all things under heaven.

I do not know its name,

But I call it Meaning.’

If I had to give it a name.

I should call it ‘The Great.’

~Tao Te Ching

the primal hunt

Love the questions like locked rooms or books written in a foreign tongue. We want to feel some sort of solace, but there is none. There’s just a sense that everything in this wide world is shifting, but nothing has shifted, yet. Live the questions. And, perhaps we cannot live the answers. Yet. So we must live the questions. This is what this particular time is all about. Finding our way into the answers. We cannot solve the problems we face with the same sort of thinking that created them. Be a novice. Be a blank page. This is all part of the process of becoming, of enlightenment, of living. Love it all. The confusion. The mess. Love the experience of being born. This. This is how you find your way. You don’t notice the changes as they come. You just wake up, one bright morning- sky the color of robin’s eggs- and you realize that you are there. And you open the door and smell the restless air and say a prayer of profound thanks. ~Shavawn M. Berry


2 thoughts on “heady roses

  1. We are taught that searching for answers should result in some great discover, some uncovering of truth hidden before … Yet often what we thought and published as answers are quiet simply the foundation of new questions. We end and we begin again. As Mary Oliver said – The ripeness of the apple is its downfall –

    • our questioning allows us to be more comfortable with our own truths as fluid and moving and connected to others…….renewal in its deepest layers…..

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