a long, solitary sojourn


What is Above is Within, for everything in Eternity is translucent.

The Circumference is Within.

~William Blake

we do not have “the answers”…..we have our truth…..it is not someone else’s truth…….we know this when we listen to our dreams…..we learn in our dreams to listen to each other……

What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed?

And what if, in your dream,

you went to heaven

and plucked a strange and beautiful flower?

And what if, when you awoke,

you had the flower in you hand?

Ah, what then?



When Frida Kahlo was a little girl, she had an imaginary friendship with another child. She would breathe on one of the windowpanes in her room until a mist formed, white and cloudy, and then she would draw a door with her finger.

Through that door

I would come out, in my imagination,

and hurriedly, with immense happiness, I would

cross all the fields I

could see until I reached

a dairy store

called Pinzon-  Through

The O in Pinzon I entered

and descended impetuously

to the entrails

of the earth, where

my imaginary friend

always waited for me.

~Christian McEwen

2 thoughts on “a long, solitary sojourn

  1. Is Alice’s Wonderland any less real than what we confront through the senses? Do we describe life that way or does life describe itself to us through sensibility! What if We all had eleven fingers – how would the world be different?

    • oh, and how would we each see having 11 fingers differently? so fascinating to engage with others on universality…….and how can that be defined? our daydreams are more real as Frida reminds us…..

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