how the seeker becomes what he seeks

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The ultimate influence we seek derives from our ability to establish a vibrant, living connection with the Divine. In this most creative and subtle of human endeavors our beliefs about our personal potential, our perceived self-efficacy, largely determine the outcome. The spiritual path involves long perseverance of practice in the face of difficulties such as dry spells lacking progress or results, setbacks and failures, an unsupportive or even hostile social environment, doubts about the path and its practices, lack of time or energy to devote to our inner work, competing demands, interests, fears, distractions, and so on. To meet and overcome all these formidable obstacles, to redouble our efforts when these stubborn barriers descend on us, we need a very strong sense of spiritual self-efficacy, a confidence in ourselves and our path toward the Divine. ~Joseph Naft

when we stop hurting ourselves and each other…..when we stop trying to understand the woes but feel into the wonder…..when we stop and listen…..when we stop and hear the night and then the dawn within us…….

The more we connect to our soul, the more we will have experiences like these:

  • We will have a sense of aliveness, wonder, awe, and energy that feels like it comes from beyond ourselves.
  •  Other people will benefit spiritually through their contact with us. We will be a radiant light unto others.
  •  We will be more frequently and deeply aware of the presence of the Divine in our life, experiencing unity and wholeness instead of feeling separation and lack.
  •  We will feel spiritual peace and contentment.
  • Synchronicity, the feeling of the flow of events, will become part of our everyday experience.
  • We will have a deep awareness of the sacredness and unity of all life.
  • Greater creativity will emerge as an expression of our unique gifts.
  • A deep sense of joy will pervade our life.
  • We will gain a profound sense of the purpose and meaning of our life and a fuller appreciation and understanding of others’ soul purpose.
  • We will experience heightened awareness of our higher calling and our true service vocation.
  • We will desire to give selflessly without any thought of return.  ~Susan Wisehart

this passion for being

We had the sky, up there, all speckled with stars,

and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them,

and discuss about whether they was made,

or only just happened.
~Mark Twain



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