when we leave our masks behind


What does it take to make a journey? A place to start from, something to leave behind. A road, a trail, or a river. Companions, and something like a destination: a camp, an inn, or another shore. We might imagine a journey with no destination, nothing but the act of going, and with never an arrival. But I think we would always hope to find something or someone, however unexpected and unprepared for. Seen from a distance or taken part in, all journeys may be the same, and we arrive exactly where we are.

There is the dream journey and the actual life.

  ~John Haines

we can simply sit for a lifetime….never challenging, never discovering, never trusting…..what does it mean to live authentically, messily, wholeheartedly?

Whenever I’ve been enervated or winded in my soul,

whenever I’ve felt there wasn’t anymore to give or find,

a great love or suffering has broken me into a new depth.

~Mark Nepo

do you know when to shift?

Persona is a Greek word and it means mask. We take on different masks, different personas in our lives. This is not in itself problematic.

The problem begins when we forget that it is just a mask and we believe that it is who we are. We then turn that mask into our identity.

When identified with the persona you will always feel separate, because it is uprooted from your true self. You can spend a whole lifetime trying to protect, improve, judge and cherish this persona.
You might even make it a more spiritual persona. But that underlying feeling of separation will not go away.

Spiritual practice loosen up our identification with the persona, and roots us in an expansive sense of Self. Here we re-discover a primordial belonging. We still take on different personas, but we have a more relaxed relationship to them, we know now that they are temporary masks and not who we fundamentally are.

~ Chameli Ardagh


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