“There’s a part of every living thing that wants to become itself,”  writer Ellen Bass observes, “the tadpole into the frog, the chrysalis into the butterfly, a damaged human being into a whole one. That is spirituality.” It is also a capsule description of the holy grail of transformation. What we have been does not determine who we are. “One discovers that destiny can be directed,” French-American diarist Anais Nin writes, “that one does not have to remain in bondage to the first wax imprint made on childhood sensibilities. Once the deforming mirror has been smashed, there is a possibility of wholeness. Essayist Normandi Ellis talks about a friend who calls himself a “human becoming in the the spirit of growth, change, and development that is part and parcel of this life.” We want to bring to the fore parts of ourself that have been overlooked. Be on the lookout for resources that will unlock your inner potential. Be on the lookout for imaginative experiences that will stop you in your tracks and turn you around. ~Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat

life, like a vignette, is completely different from each angle……with dignity and awareness, turn directions, respect the old, and walk anew…….

There’s a time for being ahead and a time for being behind, a time for being in motion and a time for being at rest, a time for being vigorous and a time for being exhausted, a time for being in danger and time to return to safety. The wise one sees things as they are without controlling them. They are centered in the Tao and can go where they wish without danger, because they perceive the harmony, even amidst the joys and sorrows of the world. Because they reside at the center of the circle, they have found peace in their heart. ~Tao Te Ching

what we honor

Like a sandcastle, all is temporary.

Build it, tend it, enjoy it.

And when the time comes,

let it go.

~Jack Kornfield

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