what old means now

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The secret in life is enjoying the passing of time.

~Richard Havens

lean into the dark and see what is waiting……maybe there is an angel with arms as wide as a river……

Am I going to flow with my river nature today, or am I going to swim against it? this is what I ask myself when I get out of bed each morning. And when I go to sleep, I apologize to the river gods for any hard strokes i made against the current, and for splashing about like a drowning person. I pray that tomorrow I may once again know the pleasure of following my soul downstream, because I’ve known rivers- and once we’ve known rivers- once we have stretched out on the dark waters, trusting the river gods, going in the direction of life even if it is headfirst toward the rapids- we want to taste that water again; we want our souls to grow deep like the rivers again.  ~Elizabeth Lesser

our crowded rooms

When grapes turn to wine,

they long for our ability to change.

When stars wheel

around the North Pole,

they are longing for our growing consciousness.


2 thoughts on “what old means now

  1. We do splash and paddle too hard, is it misunderstanding or misdirection? And should ur consciousness reach the stars would we finally see the truth … That we are one !

    • and maybe floating is surrender or dying or waiting or restrategizing…..again and again we learn to let go of what does not serve and that my mean taking in water too…….

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