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It’s always darkest before it’s pitch black. It’s natural to seek signs of the returning light but can we also be present for what is without always toppling forward, seeking relief or resolution, the next thing? The ancient root of patience is suffering. It means tolerating what is happening without adding anything- no argument, no wry commentary, nothing. But being patient doesn’t mean being passive. Patience can make us quicker and more sensitive- when you aren’t toppling forward you can be grounded and open. You can see and hear more.

It’s very natural to want suffering to pass, but we can soften in the midst of it. Sometimes (often) we try too hard to let go and be present. This can feel effortful and laden with self-judgment. I’ve found that asking myself to be a little softer at moments creates a pause in my usual functioning. A space opens up and I can receive what is waiting to be received. There is a presence beyond our ordinary thought that comes when we are soft. When we are re-membered- body, heart, heart and mind. It is not here yet but it will come.

~Tracy Cochran

darkness follows darkness and light waits for light…….cyclical, necessary, potent, reviving……may the shadows be a witness to our light shining through fog……..

Let go of the battle.

Breathe quietly and let it be.

Let your body relax and your heart soften.

Open to whatever you experience without fighting.

~Jack Kornfield


Now is the time honor the rebirth of the sun, to remember the light in the darkest part of the season with hope of good things to come, and the promise of a renewed life.

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