it’s Christmas


A full moon is a potent and transformational time as the veil between our inner and outer world is thinner than normal. We will be far more sensitive and intuitive which allows us to control our destiny and choose to redirect our lives by burying the old and bringing in the new.

During December, it is the perfect time to reflect on the year, let go of the past, while becoming secure in who we are so that we can head straight toward a new and vibrant year ahead.

Full moon on Christmas Day is a rare event.

This Christmas full moon is the perfect way to gather together in the cold night air to celebrate and share special, rare moments, especially if we can go somewhere near water. Look up at the sky while absorbing invaluable shared memories of quality time with loved ones, setting the scene for a harmonious and peaceful future. Genuine heartfelt presence is the greatest gift we can give, or receive.

Our choices at the end of this year will influence how the next year begins and also sets the tone for how it plays out. It is a challenging full moon, though one that allows us to firmly take on the role of the alchemist and transform our lives. We can do this by making a resolution for the new year to release our desire to remain wallowing in the past and make a courageous and magnificent leap in the direction of a brightly illuminated future.  ~Alex Myles

this awakening to a Christmas moment can happen so quickly, so succinctly…….we may wonder if we missed something…….how did this light find the night? where did hope appear? how can we soften a little more? may we find a pause to gentle the moment……..

Mindfulness creates the space for us to cultivate empathy. As with the practice of lovingkindness, which traditionally begins with sending lovingkindness to oneself, mindfulness invites us to open up to the full range of our experiences: emotional, intellectual, sensory, and more. When we heighten our awareness, we realize just how capable we are of perceiving in a given moment. That openness becomes the basis of insight. We don’t turn away from anger or sadness because it’s uncomfortable, nor do we cling to happiness and excitement. When we come to know our own deep capacity for feeling, we give ourselves the capacity to connect to others more deeply.  ~Sharon Salzberg

when we find a silent night

The more in harmony with yourself you are,

the more joyful you are,

and the more faithful you are.

Faith is not to disconnect you from reality-

it connects you to reality.

  ~Paulo Coelho

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