how compassion really works


I Lost Everything,

I Have Found Myself.

we are washed clean with every despair……we just forget how compassion turns into a mystery of how to serve……

A gentle reminder that the possibility of awakening exists in every moment, and in every circumstance. Liberation comes not through suppression or by fighting against ourselves, but rather by resting where we are, at peace with the world as it is. We can all sense the potential for bringing compassion to ourselves and the world around us, and need only be reminded through the power of practice.  ~Jack Kornfield

when we surrender

It almost always catches us off guard, and it comes in 10,000 forms. The body suddenly breaks down at a too-young age, and we receive a diagnosis of an illness we unconsciously believed only happened to other people. Somebody close to us dies, and our pain is beyond consolation and does not lift. It could be anything. Often, such events come in succession; no sooner have we landed back on our feet when we find ourselves thrown to the floor once again. Whatever it is, it always feels as though it has come at a bad time. Our capacity to see and act clearly is tested to the limit, and we find ourselves feeling as though we are failing miserably. It is precisely during the major crises of our lives that our capacity for spiritual discernment is most useful- and will be most severely tested. Shocks have the capacity to crack us open to a new world that is unfamiliar and frightening but also compellingly real and immediate- a world we recognize as being truer than the one we have previously known. If we do not give up and allow this dismantling to occur, our capacity for discernment and clear vision is paradoxically deepened and refined. ~Mariana Caplan

2 thoughts on “how compassion really works

  1. Our alliance with the wrong things, can bring great tragedy into our so called lives. Yet it is just a word to encompass emotions made up of fear … Of course we would rather not change, give up comfort, yet should we realize what burden is lifted we might come to know how light compassion is to carry …

    • vulnerability may be our biggest fear… be witness to our own despair, others’ judgment, and the truth about our impermanence… be light and grounded at the same time…..this is our dance……insightful g.f.s….

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