those impossible grays


You can use the light of an experience to see your darkness. The experience is being lost only to the extent that it is being reinvested in yourself. The light you receive mixes with your own darkness, and then it is not light anymore, but neither is the darkness so dark anymore. Your being is transformed.

~Claudio Naranjo

does the light go out simply because we live in the dark? how can we balance the drum and the melody? who calls us home and where is home now compared to where home was yesterday?

There is a veil that humanity has created that distorts everything. Even if you look inward, everything is distorted. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s like a hall of mirrors. If you say anything, it becomes something else. Human beings have created this veil, and people do spiritual practice in this veil, and they make spiritual paths in it.  ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

committed to truth

In that first
hardly noticed
in which you wake,
coming back
to this life
from the other
more secret,
and frighteningly
where everything
there is a small
into the day
which closes
the moment
you begin
your plans.

What you can plan
is too small
for you to live.

What you can live
will make plans
for the vitality
hidden in your sleep.

To become human
is to become visible,
while carrying
what is hidden
as a gift to others.

To remember
the other world
in this world
is to live in your
true inheritance.

~David Whyte

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