sending out prayers

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It might be better to surrender cleverness altogether. Correct thinking gets us nowhere. Being smart about life only keeps us from living it. The story beneath the statement that I want to live only in the moment is a tale of wanting to avoid life’s complexity, and, paradoxically, by opting for the idea of what is, we successfully avoid the isness that is full in our face. The impetus for dealing only with what is may be rooted in a spirit imagination of pristine clarity. If only life were simple, separated from the haunting past, the underworld of emotions and desires, and connections with the rest of the world. It may be equally important to deal with what was and what appears to b beneath the surface of things.Things happen without any intention to make them happen. We become involved in situations that we may try to own but that resist ownership. Things happen freely. Giving up the ego satisfaction of feeling in control and at the center of the action is a pure way simply to be. But the idea of being in the eternal, now, dealing only with what is, is not pure but puristic. In the end, it only distracts us from what could be.  ~Thomas Moore

where can we find our angels? how will we recognize them? are they the ghosts of days past? wishes in a daydream? our highest ideals?

One of the subtle traps of observing thought is to take on the role of being a separate witness.This is a common dead end with long-term meditators; they are able to watch their thoughts, feelings, and sensations and yet still retain a sense of being a subtly separate observer. Even as witnessing happens, there is no separate witness. Attention may move back and forth between the foreground of thoughts and the background of unbounded awareness for some time. At first, experiencing this background can feel like visiting a very restful getaway. We may briefly touch this quiet openness for a few minutes and then return to our busy lives. It can feel like renting a beautiful vacation house for a week and then returning home for the rest of the year. At some point there is a shift of identity, and we realize that the vacation rental is our true home and what we thought was our home- our conventional identity as a separate being bounded by space and time- is the temporary rental unit. This happens when we are deeply convinced that our true nature is infinite, empty, open, wakeful awareness. The trance of identifying with thought lifts, and an awakening from the mind occurs. This critically important step brings a sense of great peace and freedom. It is a tremendous relief to realize that we are not confined by any story. It is the beginning of a new way of life.  ~John Prendergast

what we find

The Soul should always stand ajar

That if the Heaven inquire

He will not be obliged to wait

~Emily Dickinson




2 thoughts on “sending out prayers

  1. Sell your cleverness and purchase humility – Rumi … Presence is not standing outside our lives in judgement, it it living within the flow of the river, like the fish standing still within the rushing water, without struggle and barely moving a fin to remain in place …

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