inspiring the core of us


Our own being is experienced as continuous with the unified awareness, love, and physical sensation that pervades everywhere. This same transformation occurs in our senses. As we realize spiritual oneness, our perception becomes more subtle and unified. The process of freeing the senses can be even more challenging than letting go of other types of holding patterns, because it actually changes the world in which we live. The new range of information available to us may require that we reexamine our life choices. Some find it difficult to adjust to the luminosity of bare perception. It can also be difficult to shift from our abstract, imagined world to the stripped-down world of actual experience. ~ Judith Blackstone

the bare bones of existence is essence lived without knowing how…’s just grit and sinew and marrow and cold exposure……yes, the new year arrives in winter……

We have not overcome our condition, and yet we know it better. We know that we live in contradiction, but we also know that we must refuse this contradiction and do what is needed to reduce it. Our task as humans is to find the few principles that will calm the infinite anguish of free souls. We must mend what has been torn apart, make justice imaginable again in a world so obviously unjust, give happiness a meaning once more to peoples poisoned by the misery of the century. Naturally, it is a superhuman task. But superhuman is the term for tasks we take a long time to accomplish, that’s all.

Let us know our aims then, holding fast to the mind, even if force puts on a thoughtful or a comfortable face in order to seduce us. The first thing is not to despair. Let us not listen too much to those who proclaim that the world is at an end. Civilizations do not die so easily, and even if our world were to collapse, it would not have been the first. It is indeed true that we live in tragic times. But too many people confuse tragedy with despair. “Tragedy,” D.H. Lawrence said, “ought to be a great kick at misery.” This is a healthy and immediately applicable thought. There are many things today deserving such a kick.   ~Albert Camus

where we see fire

If you let the silence of afternoon pool around you, that serenity may last a long time- This whole world is yours, you know. You can breathe it and think about it and dream it after this wherever you go. It’s all right. Nobody cares.  ~William Stafford

2 thoughts on “inspiring the core of us

  1. We ponder creation, when in truth perception takes place inside our brain … I trust that you see purple the same as I, yet who knows, we simply agree that my red is your purple … 3D is a difficult dimension, only the bravest venture here !

    • this is why I love philosophy…..such a blend of science and personal truth……I only know what I know, yet I assume to know the truth around me:)…..such illusion….

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