looking down

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Of course, it is true that in the sphere of the cosmos our current heart pain is minute, inconsequential. In that same sphere-of-the-cosmos perspective, everything is equally inconsequential. This does not fit our emotional reality. Some people and some issues feel especially significant to us. Also, we don’t live in the sphere of the cosmos. We live here. Remembering the sphere-of-the-cosmos point of view, remembering earthrise from the moon, remembering the interconnectedness of all beings- all these remembrances make it possible to look more directly at pain. Perhaps it’s the necessary perspective for seeing pain clearly, for being able to stand it. Remembering our own special affinities, our own kinship feelings, our own heartbreaks in our personal stories, which seem so real and important, keeps us in this world, not out of it, caring deeply and acting kindly.  ~Sylvia Boorstein

are we of this world? and if so, then what could possibly transcend us? if not our fears, then our hearts……

I invite you to set some time aside- to allow yourself simply to feel whatever is there; to let any sensation, feeling, or emotion come up without trying to avoid or solve it. Simply let whatever is there arise. Get in touch with the kinesthetic feeling of it, of what these experiences are like when you’re not trying to push or explain them away. Just experience the raw energy of the emotion or sensation. You might notice it in your heart or your solar plexus, or in your gut. Suffering manifests as emotion- often as deep, painful emotion- and also as tension throughout the body. Suffering also manifests as certain patterns of circular thinking. Once you touch a particular emotion, allow yourself to begin to hear the voice of suffering. To do this, you cannot stand outside the suffering, trying to explain or solve it; you must really sink into the pain, even relax into the suffering so that you can allow the suffering to speak. To do this, you need to get in touch with the story of your suffering. It is through these stories that we maintain our suffering, so we need to speak or write these stories down. First, name the emotion, then let it speak.  ~Adyashanti

sit in the dark

Disappointment and failure bring us down to the ground so we can see through our ideas to the way things really are.  ~Natalie Goldberg

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