how to offer solace to our fears


Those who dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find that it was vanity, but dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.
~T.E. Lawrence of Arabia

can we whisper our dreams to life? encourage quietly and then poof, they appear……maybe……but the inner desire to live our truth is more about that raw fear we all know so well…..dancing with it……allowing it……keeping its rhythm so we never stagnate….

At a seminar once, a young man came up and handed me a slip of paper that read:

“Happy are they that dream dreams, and have the courage to make them come true.”

That has stuck with me ever since. You have got to have a dream, an idea, a concept. Then you have to do something about it. There is no big merit in just being a dreamer. But there is a lot of merit to dreams. If you are just willing to go with some of them, things happen. Some very outstanding things happen to people who dare to dream and dare to make them come true.

Which of your dreams are persistent and won’t leave you alone? Which are you willing to sacrifice for?   ~Rod MacIver

for all that is left in dreams

I have crossed this river before.

I almost drowned. One other time

it carried me to a new life. What now?

It’s moving so fast I can’t see myself.

Only the cries of others in the fast

water, pleading for me to come or

stay or go away. Funny how light itself

never moves but everything it touches

never stays the same. That’s been my

love affair with truth. I wonder about

so many. Where is the sweet troubled

man who used to be my friend? Did

we stop caring? Or did the current

sweep us in different directions?

Nothing stands still in the water.

Or in life. Is that why we try so hard

to hold on? I keep breaking off what is

false so the irreducible thing at center

can show itself. I wish I knew the ire-

ducible thing’s language. I know it’s

trying to tell me something. Perhaps

the same thing for years.

 ~Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “how to offer solace to our fears

  1. As above so below, as below so above … Such truth in these words, so seldom comprehended. We do not come into this realm just to dream, but to line them, experience in 3D is incomparable, makes the gods jealous of our daring, our courage to have this opportunity. Do we even know?

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