fish-eye enchantment

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The purposeful “doings” in meditation (naming our experience, mindfully scanning through the body, or focusing on the breath) help us to pause and open ourselves to the life of the moment. Yet because we can get so hooked by the need to do something more, we help ourselves most deeply by out intention t let go. I sometimes remind myself of a line from Rilke: “Let everything happen to you, the beauty, the terror,…” Feel free to experiment with self-reminders. What word or phrase helps you to stop pedaling, to relax your habitual “doing” and simply be?   ~Tara Brach

sensing wise counsel around and through us……especially when untethered and suffering… service, tranquil and whole……

Whatever came from being

is caught up in being, drunkenly

forgetting the way back.



The key to using our creative imagination is to engage our strong inner senses to produce our own vivid images, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. We need to create our own movies with each of us living powerfully watching the movie. And we need to fuel our senses with intense enthusiasm. We need to stop allowing the outside world to write our script, and our new script must be born from our inner world. For this, we must use the depth of our senses to make our creations real. We need to allow our senses to bubble up from within us, and into the world. We need to always open our hearts to love for all of life when we do our dreaming. Then the work becomes to surrender the ego to the outcome of our dreams, having intended t create the post positive ones imaginable.   ~Sandra Ingerman

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