ok, so love is more than a word




Often our deepest suffering is the sense that something we have done- something about us- is fundamentally wrong and unacceptable. Finding a way to make peace with our human imperfections is the ground of all healing. ~Tara Brach

and from that space of light, love became essence….

Love is a form of grace. It gives us the stamina to endure what would normally be unendurable. Love’s power is so great, we sometimes fear the demands it places on our lives. Love finds it difficult to say no. And abundant love an help improve even the worst of circumstances. Love transforms every actions into a powerful instrument of change.  ~Carolyn Myss

channeled light

Because the heart dwells in unattended dark, we often forget its sublime sensitivity to everything that is happening to us. Without our ever noticing, the heart absorbs the joy of things and also their pain and care. Within us, therefore, a burdening can accrue. For this reason, it is wise now and again to tune in to your heart and listen for what it carries. Sometimes the simplest things effect unexpected transformation. The old people here used to say that a burden shared is a burdened halved. Similarly, when you allow your heart to speak, the burdens it carries diminish, a new lightness enters your body and relief floods the heart.   ~John O’Donohue


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