in between art & making art

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When using the arts for self-healing or therapeutic purposes, we are not concerned about the beauty of the visual art, the grammar and style of the writing, or the harmonic flow of the song. We use the arts to let go, to express, and to release. Also, we can gain insight by studying the symbolic and metaphoric messages. Our art speaks back to us if we take the time to let in those messages. The seeds of much of our creativity come from the unconscious, our feelings, and our intuition. The unconscious is our deep well. Such art helps us accept ourselves. Self-acceptance is paramount to compassion for others.   ~Natalie Rogers

we probably don’t know how to make art and probably feel like we aren’t artists…can’t paint, can’t draw….but we can light up with the essence of our own creativity from the inside when we quit anticipating and just reach for curiosity….

I talk about my devotion to creativity- a vow to creativity. I think creativity is the only hope Mother Earth has for survival. We have to recover our creativity and our divine power. Creativity is so satisfying. That’s why it’s so important, not because it produces something, but because the process is cosmological, spiritual, centering, and satisfying.   ~Matthew Fox

finding flow

Come out here where the roses have opened. Let soul and world meet.


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