uncovering stones

1-DSC07859 2

What is precious
inside us does not care
to be known by the mind
in ways
that diminish its presence.

 ~David Whyte
The monk who bakes bread
no longer believes in the measure-for-measure God
of the recipe books,
has little faith, if any, in the predestined endings
set forth by timers,
the finely sifted claims to inerrancy held
by cups and spoons.
Blended to life,
call his a leavened devotion to resurrection
appearing from within each cracked tomb of grain,
the hunger that presses his hans
dawn after dawn,
deep into the just-risen flesh.
Cowl white as the flour he scoops, mixes,
forms pat pat into loaves shaped like naves,
it is his chest, filled with the invisible yeast of breath,
that knows by heart the patient kneading together of days,
how long love takes to rise.
~Daniel Skach-Mills
there may be no greater accomplishment than to find one’s internal graces and muses….aligned with passion and then offering them to those we love…..

The goal of life

is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe

to match your nature with Nature.

~Joseph Campbell

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