at each crossroads

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We can now think of vision as a deeply reciprocal event, a participatory activity in which both the seer and the seen are dynamic players. To see is to interact with the visible, to act and be acted upon. It is participation in the ongoing evolution of he visible world.   ~David Abram

these little choices we make each day are really here to allow us to see the mystery behind our life crossroads……from there we can reach for body wisdom and allow our lives to just be as they are……

inquiry for today~ reflect on the many little choices you make each day, a practice of discernment

deep rest

Essential to the practice of discernment is learning when to say yes and when to say no. In this way, we frame and give limits to how we devote our energy. Often we are so eager to discover the deep yes of our lives that we forget the sacred practice of saying no. In a world that throws hundreds of invitations and demands our way, we may find ourselves with little energy for the things that bring us truly alive because we have invested in dozens of only moderately satisfying activities. Are there moments when I remember that this is a practice of saying both yes and no, of not taking everything around me but waiting to receive, to see what feels right and true.  ~Christine Valters Paintner


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