art for real


To be an artist it is not necessary to make a living from our creations. To be an artist it is necessary to live with our eyes wide open, to breathe in the colors of mountain and sky, to know the sound of leaves rustling, the smell of snow, the texture of bark.   ~Jan Phillips

we resist art and being art and making art and living art…….and yet, every time we notice and appreciate a moment, we are being art……

inquiry for today~ what are you noticing and discovering that is mirrored back to you as a finer moment?

rediscovering harmony

My purpose has been to describe, not define. Something as vaporous as creativity defies definition, resists quantification and refuses access to those who seek to possess it like a Thing. My life has presented me with tow interconnected problems: to live a good life and to transform the world. I have found definitions useful only insofar as they enable people to act. Participation in the creative process is essential to knowing it. Its purpose, for me, is to transport the participants to another place from which to view and then to reengage with this one. To be moved, as the saying goes. My experience has revealed no eternal, universal truths. But it has given meaning to words such as creative, sacred, life and community. I don’t have to believe in it. It happens.   ~Mat Callahan

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