beauty’s way

1-Pics for Blog Edits365

In presence, we see the beauty in what was previously unbeautiful.

~ Gina Sharpe

we welcome blessings and beauty and somehow forget to honor our wayward misgivings…..abundant clouds and deep rain express our untapped courage….

inquiry for today~ what is beautiful in your life when reconsidered?

express and simplify

Beholding a person or place is a conscious and receptive act of releasing our inner judgments and projections as much as possible. From this place of openness, we are then free to experience the grace and movement of God. Take a deep breath. Then intentionally shift your focus from ordinary seeing and noticing, to an experience of beholding which infuses the moment with a sense of reverence. See if you can notice a physical, emotional, and spiritual shift in opening yourself to simply being with whatever and whomever arrives in you line of vision. Offer them abundant compassion and love. Notice what this stirs in your own heart.  ~Christine Valters Paintner

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