our transpersonal map


Of all types of security I am consciousness of

the eternal soul within.

Of secrets I am pleasant speech and silence,

and among seasons I am spring.

Among jewels I am the ruby,

and among beautiful things I am the lotus cup.

I am the steadiness of mountains

and the fragrant aroma of the earth.

~The Bhagavad-gita

no words. complete surrender. come home.

inquiry for today~  how far is the journey for you?

come in from wherever you’ve been

The path less traveled is less traveled for a reason. It requires courage to march to the beat of a different drum. Sometimes it can be a lonely trek- because very few will understand why you don’t walk the popular well-trodden path like everybody else. But you know you can’t. Your heart won’t let you. You must be true to yourself. And your regrets will be few. For at the end of your life you will look back at your short journey and with a satisfied smile, quietly acknowledging that it could never have been any other way.   ~Christian Cabinilla

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