never left behind

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Mindfulness practice offers great opportunities to encounter well-being, to savor simplicity and awe, because in asking you to pay attention to the simplest things in life, to allow for gaps in your tape loop, it lets you- ever so briefly- to still that voice that says something is fundamentally wrong with you. It leaves you a little bit of space to stop questioning whether you are happy or not.   ~Barry Boyce

how many times have we troubled ourselves simply by perceiving our aloneness?

inquiry for today~  remember those times when you touched another’s heart……how many times have you given your heart to help a beloved realize their own worthiness and then softened into the very same unlovable perception of your own?

island blues

While spirituality has an emotional and intellectual component, for me it is primarily the practice of moving from alienation to integration, from the smaller self that insists it is apart from Got to the greater Self that knows itself and everything else as a part of God. A practice is authentic if it moves you from self to Self, frees you from fear, deepens your capacity for love, and shifts your worldview from “us” and “them” or “us” against “them” to “all of us together.”   ~Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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