look up through the trees


Forest – take me in your arms
as I come to you crying for my wildness,
willing to lay bewilderment
and empty cultured compliance at your feet,
reaching for the enchantress who knows
how to live alive as all things
incandescently tuned and vibrantly awake,
purring the soft song of fern, bark and leaf,
remembering my priestess place,
undeniable and radiating truth.
~Clare Dakin

remember how to connect to what calls to you in nature?

inquiry for today~  there are trees that witness, protect, and sing…….recall any special trees in your life……why so?

find these tiny roots

No one notices such a small presence … be still here in the snow

Clouds cover the sky
The wind blows hard, almost breaking the branches
Sheets of rain fill the darkness … be still here in the dark

The man who lost a friend lays a flower down
It can’t be helped … be still here

The seed was carried somewhere unknown
Surely it will exist for someone even though no one notices such a small presence at the beginning.   ~Katsumi Komagata

Indeed, this book, Little Tree, is very much a study in perspective — the existential through the spatial — as the tree’s height increases and its shadow shifts. With his gentle genius, Komagata casts the shadows of all peripheral characters and objects — a street lamp, a man walking his dog, a bird — not from the perspective of the reader but from that of the tree, appearing upside-down on the page. And so the cycle of life continues — a new crow takes the nest built by last year’s bird, and as it observes these rhythms, the tree’s “point of view keeps changing.” At the end, the seed spurs a new turn of the cycle of life, going back to the beginning.


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