“You encourage the journey into the darkness of suffering. What’s to keep you from getting stuck?”

The psyche, just like the physical body, is imbued with a natural immune system. A bruise on the body might start out very deep purple and black, but over time it fades away as healing takes place. The same is true with the psyche. We need to work with our psychic immune system, not against it.

“How is a lack of spirituality the root of depression?”

The society in which we live has become inherently depressing, focusing far too often on external realities at the expense of our inner selves. A world that trivializes love, wisdom, compassion, and forgiveness is a breeding ground fro psychological and emotional dysfunction. Psychic pain, like physical pain, is a symptom of a larger problem. The point is not just to numb the pain, but to deal with its cause.

~Marianne Williamson/Alma Tassi

we forget how to take refuge without dry and brittle masks……lean in and breathe….

inquiry for today~  when you take in a raw moment, how do you breathe into it? how do you find grace in all that is deeply real?

it’s ok to be real

While you are still yourself,
you are blind to both worlds.
That ego-drunkenness will not let you see.

Only when you are cleansed of both,
will you cut the deep roots of fear and anger.


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