where wings hide in shadows


We’re born with an aftertaste of Oneness
and a thirst for weeds and earth, as the angel
deep within us needs our hands, to make a
dance of all this hurt. It has us reach beyond
our limits, till we love like a planet though
we’re constantly confused. We carry lightning
in a thimble of skin and bones and dreams.
We carry everything that matters in a plan
that doesn’t last, while the stars pulse
to fill us, the way a candle fills a room.

~Mark Nepo

there’s no greater gift than the gift of mercy…..may it come from angels, from your own sweet forgiveness, from the dark shadows of night…..

inquiry for today~  how does the shift from deep disdain to soul reprieve show up in your own life?  maybe an angel or two?

we’ve been forgettin’

One of the only differences
between humans and angels
is that though a human
might temporarily forget
her angel, his angel
The guardian realm
is beyond loyal…
the angels ever walk with us
whether thanked or not
whether acknowledged of not
whether our food is shared
with them or not,
whether we make a place for them
on our chair, at our table,
on our pillow,
when we draw water to bathe,
when we work on a slab
of sacred tree,
when we create
filled with angelic infusions…

even if we never note
or notice The Angel,
The Angel notes
and notices
and carries us,
and never, ever
forgets us.
Not ever.

This comes with love my darling little winged ones, and may you pray sometimes so loudly that some — not be disturbed– but remember their own lost relationship with the angels who they were born with, to and from… for reasons of change of self and change on earth, guided by minds and insights and intuitions, greater.

~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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