the chaotic hum

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What is an individual? Just a bit of life shot off from the one Life in the universe — just a bit of love and truth dropped on this globe, just as the globe itself was once a bit of light and heat dropped from the sun.

~C. W. Barron

how do we find out who we are? how do we really know? who knows?

inquiry for today~  step back and remember the connection to stars and dust and those you have forgotten…..

what do you see from over there?

We are continually crossing thresholds in our lives, both the literal kind when moving through doorways, leaving the building, or going to another room, as well as the metaphorical thresholds, when time becomes a transition space of waiting and tending. We hope for news about a friend struggling with illness, we are longing for clarity about our own deepest dreams. This place between is a place of stillness, where we let go of what came before and prepare ourselves to enter fully into what comes next.

The holy pause calls us to a sense of reverence for slowness, for mindfulness, and for the fertile dark spaces between our goals where we can pause and center ourselves, and listen. We can open up a space within for God to work. We can become fully conscious of what we are about to do rather than mindlessly completing another task.

The holy pause can also be the space of integration and healing. How often do we rush through our lives, not allowing the time to gather the pieces of ourselves, to allow our fragmented selves the space of coming together again? When we allow rest, we awaken to the broken places that often push us to keep doing and producing and striving. When we create these tiny windows and opportunities for recognition, we are able to see grace more easily moving through our lives.
~Christine Valters Paintner

2 thoughts on “the chaotic hum

  1. To shake off, for a moment the identity given to us (and accepted) by the world allows a peek through the cracks of time at the truth of our reason for being

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