where grace meets at the end of the day


Compassion goes about finding the work that can be done. Love can’t help but stay present.  ~Krista Tippett

when we let go of something, we first see all that we lose……and when we hold the hands of others, we forget ourselves completely….

inquiry for today~  how do we balance the felt senses with our deeper needs? how do you see that in the real relationship right in front of you?

soul speak

My greatest fear is that I will pass away before my time,
only to exist long into the future in a dank fog of worries
and drowsy superficialities that grudgingly hold down by the throat
all the joys that surge to live in me from beneath the sadnesses
that I talk, talk, talk at rather than gather myself to sit before
when they have need to speak to me enduringly
of what I have forgotten to feel.

~Stephanie Unger

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