from violet to gray


Humility: the word contains the same root as the word humus, which refers to soil, earth, the ground. It is also linked to the word human, for we are earthlings, we are creatures whose feet touch the ground.

~Noelle Oxenhandler

color all around, seeping into mood and following wildflowers…..

inquiry for today~  maybe there’s a little color at play in your life, asking little of you, but gifting in ways that can’t be denied…where is the beautiful  transformation waiting?

old blues & new ways

We stand at an evolutionary juncture, called to awaken to a new kind of Love. The Love is not a feeling; it is a great power. Awakening to this radically different Love may be gradual or it may come in a flash—an explosion that rocks you to your core. Either way, it will shatter your perception of who you think you are. The power of Love initiates a complete change of mind—the fundamental transformation that Teilhard de Chardin calls Fire for the second time.

~Anne Hillman


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