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Ours is a world of work unending.

That there might be some finality is not so.

Now and now, the undone must be re-done;

Inspiration must be restored

Discipline must be maintained,

The banisters and parasols must be repaired,

Dinner, breakfast, lunch must be prepared

And eaten.

Jewels must be polished, carpets cleaned.

And gold, which does not change or rust,

Must be counted, hidden, stolen, shaped and melted down


Friends must be written, condolence calls made

And love letters, true love, friendship, kind thoughts all

nourished and renewed.

You believe, sitting as thoughts

Make you hope or squirm,

That it will stop?

That if you concentrate or relax,

Pure radiant space will sweep you clean?

You’ve read it, heard it, no?

But no, no, no, and no

So long as you, this world and you endure

The work remains ever, ever undone and ever, ever, ever

To be done again.


~Douglas Penick

maybe we forget how to lean into the sensual world, the shadows of prayer, and the simple, lost spaces…..

inquiry for today~  what is glowing from your experiences of your easy day?

where will you wait?

Let your own existence be the prayer expressing your devotion to Life and The Spirit Within.   ~Shikoba

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