who releases us?


You know, when real trouble comes, your humanity is awakened. The fundamental human experience is that of compassion.  ~Joseph Campbell

ever felt a loss of something fundamental? never to return?

inquiry for today~  what do you make room for when you let something go, intentional or not?

never a better time

Let yourself remember wholeness and well being. From your seat on this Earth connect with a memory of a time when you felt most whole. Breathe in these remembered feelings of wholeness. Again from this wholeness and centeredness, let the songs of all the aching hearts of the world be heard my you. Feel the courage of all of those who are suffering as you do. Breathe together with them and bow to them with compassion and dignity, with love and with tears, with courage a tender heart. From the perspective of your vast wisdom, realize that people and things are not possessed by you, they’re here for their purpose only. They arrive and pass away, and you can witness them all- the rising and falling- from this wise and understanding perspective. Regardless of your losses, you remain whole.    ~Jack Kornfield


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