how we misuse our stories

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In practicing equanimity, we train in widening our circle of understanding and compassion to include the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. However, limitless equanimity, free of any prejudice at all, is not the same as an ultimate harmony where everything is finally smooth. It is more a matter of being fully engaged with whatever comes to our door. We could call it being completely alive. Training in equanimity requires that we leave behind some baggage: the comfort of rejecting whole parts of our experience, for example and the security of welcoming only what is pleasant. The courage to continue with this unfolding process comes from self-compassion and from giving ourselves plenty of time. If we continue to practice this way over the months and years, we will feel our hearts and minds grow bigger. When people ask me how long this will take, I say, “At least until you die.”  ~Pema Chodron

this ideal of spirituality gets us into trouble….we will always fail if we must achieve our spiritual path……

inquiry for today~  maybe we can sit in our own ordinary shadow selves….maybe this is liberation…..

what you gave away

When we open ourselves to an intuition of divine mystery, unexpectedly we find our humanity. The real spiritual teacher has come to terms with the brevity of life, its dogged imperfection, and the wispiness of happiness. On the other hand, the typical modern person suffers from the need to know and control everything. He tries to find direct and indirect ways to outsmart his own mortality. He takes himself and his efforts with utmost seriousness, and his laughter is too often cynical and at the expense of those he exploits for his own sense of security. We moderns are driven to understand as much as possible, and that drivenness, we call it stress, we know is killing us. Beneath our attempts to explore and analyze the whole of life is the wish to be immortal and all-knowing. Therefore, in a profound way the solution to our community problems, which we call social conflict, lies not in better understanding and better programs of repair and improvement, but in the depth and sublimity of our thoughts and affections, in deeper living and holier values. Religion as a way of life and an attitude of fundamental reverence is the only ground on which our humanity can stand and thrive- not religion as a defensive structure of anxious beliefs, but religion as an open heart capable of allowing life to unfold and strong enough to support a radical philosophy of love.   ~Thomas Moore


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