however you got here

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It was a sunny day
and I went to the park
and sat on a bench. I was
one of many coming out
from under our rocks
to warm and lengthen.

He was two benches down,
a gentle older man
staring off into the place
between things, beyond
any simple past, staring
into the beginning or the end,
it was hard to say.

When he came up
our eyes met
and he knew I’d seen him
journey there and back.

There was no point in looking away.
And so, he shuffled over
and sat beside me. The sun
moved behind the one cloud
and he finally said
in half a quiver, “How
can we go there together?”

I searched my small mind
for an answer. At this,
he looked away and the sun came out
and I realized this is what the lonely
sages of China were talking about,
what the moon has whispered
before turning full for centuries,
what dancers leap for, what violinists
dream after fevering their last note.

But I was awkward and unsure.
He stared, as if to search my will,
and after several minutes,
he just patted my knee
and left.

I watched him
darken and brighten in the sun,
and vowed to look
in the folds of every cry
for a way through,
and hope someday
to meet him there.

~Mark Nepo

these raw moments of heart witness remind us how our offerings are received….remind us that we matter…..

inquiry for today~  when there are tiny moments to find, may you notice……

for you, for simply being here

I’m here, for the desire of wholeness.
The fullness of being.

I am pulled towards a realignment
With who I really am.

I am here to break down completely
So that I can be re-made again.
A rebirth.


You flowing through me
Is all that I am allowing.

I am here
To be poured into …
All of you
Into me.

Through you
I’ll be


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