drifting into a dull haze


Vulnerability is wrapped around the axis of all pain. Therefore, as we go into the darkness, it’s crucial to do so gently. Whether we are suffering from the weight of accumulated fatigue or have been ripped from the very ground of our being, it’s encouraging to remember that these are fertile times for spiritual growth. New life abounds as we gather the strength and energy to lift painful rocks and examine the underbelly of our own psyches and spirits.  Without struggle, there is no energy to break the shell encasing the seeds of our new self, the soul-self that we are becoming.   ~Sue Patton Thoele

to pause is to feel the sacred return…..when did your coffee break become ripe for growth?

inquiry for today~  how often do you pause to reset, refuel, renew? how do you remind yourself?

sit in full glory

You are rest for my soul,
A surprising joy for my bitterness.



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