deep into the pit of choice


Once you know that there is something other than what you have bitten into most of the time, your choices take on a new kind of karmic significance. Because now you start to have the choice to take action; to go in harmony with God’s will or in opposition to God’s will. This process slowly tunes you back into the harmony of things. It’s like, if you’re driving to school and you are in a hurry and the traffic becomes a terrible opposition to you, you struggle to move faster and faster. But you could take a breath and say, ‘Well, I’m in traffic; when I get to school, I’ll get to school; I am doing the best that I can, but it is also about this moment.’ You open yourself up to the flow and accept that there is a certain rate at which the traffic moves.   ~Ram Dass

how can you live when so much time is spent on regret and worry?

inquiry for today~   spend a little extra of your worthiness on letting go……see how radical this is….how empowering choice is……

you can’t really hide

Often the instruments of change

are not kind or just

and the hardest openness

of all might be

to embrace the change

while not wasting your heart

fighting the instrument.

The storm is not as important

as the path it opens.

The mistreatment in one life

never as crucial as the clearing

it makes in your heart.

This is very difficult to accept.

The hammer or cruel one

is always short-lived

compared to the jewel

in the center of the stone.

~Mark Nepo

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