no beginning

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What would it look like if we allowed ourselves to be God-mad, if we simply decided to stop whatever we were doing and wait until the impulse to move came from a deep awareness of the sacred presence within and around us and then followed wherever it led? How much of what we do might be left undone if we truly sat with and waited for the impulse to move to find us from deep within the presence that surrounds and sustains us? What if, in realizing how precious our awareness of the Beloved is, in tasting the joy that flows from being present, we simply insisted that we would move only as fast and only in the direction we could move without losing the exquisite taste of that which is larger and yet within each of us?   ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

there are many existenial moments of deep strife……holding on may only intensify them….maybe the deepest trust comes from letting go….

inquiry for today~  give up reflecting today…..simply act from the heart….give in to the unbelievable madness……

running from shame

On the path of awakening, you will have days and moments where you will want to give up…you will want to go back to sleep both literally and figuratively (as I have wanted to in the past couple of weeks). And yet, if you continue to ride the eternal waves of this wild human experience, you will turn corners, you will grow and you will evolve. These crossroads and passageways of darkness are the very mechanism that allow us to consistently become and give birth to ourselves as tender, whole, imperfect, impermanent beings over and over and over again.  ~Emma Teitel

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