no fixing today

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Jesus Christ said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Jesus, like Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, and other great spiritual teachers, taught that our spiritual work does not proceed in isolation. We move forward on the Path only with the help of others. How we relate along the Way to other beings—animal and vegetable as well as human—becomes a critical element in our search.The healer Rachel Naomi Remen makes a critical distinction in these pages: “When you help,” she writes, “you see life as weak. When you fix, you see life as broken. When you serve, you see life as whole.” We cannot fix the world, but we can serve those within it, as generosity and service flow ever more naturally as we walk the Path. To attain this ease of relating, we should seek the Self, the Advaita Vedanta teacher Mooji recommends here. “Then the right response will arise to support the one in need—and it may not lead to what the mind thinks is the best outcome.”     ~Jeff Zaleski

this time of year can feel volatile and filled with storms…….and then the leaves fall in a still moment, only movement stirring within….

inquiry for today~  today, as best as you can, arise naturally, without all of the hype……be in and around the depth of possibility……..

the inner light

Human beings,you have a great value inside your form, a seed
Be lead by the rose inside the rose.    ~Rumi

2 thoughts on “no fixing today

  1. It works both ways…the right response may not lead to what we consider the right outcome. But sometimes what seems obviously a flawed response can lead to a healing.

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