this discomfort


Refreshing and nourishing practice. It sounds obvious, but learning how to practice in a manner that is both enjoyable and enriching has been profound. The mind settles much more quickly because we have learned how to create the conditions for inner ease. Inner ease is the condition for settling; settling is the precondition for deeper insight to arise.  ~Bill Morgan

despair may seem so official and undeniable…..but in this moment we are alive and choosing….

inquiry for today~  walk and walk. and stop and be. and pause. and be uncomfortable. and quit fixing everything for another moment. then walk on.

consider the possibility

This is your life. You should appreciate it. Don’t look down on yourself. Please appreciate and embrace life. Right now you have the opportunity, capability, and understanding, but if you let it pass, what a terrible waste that would be. You don’t want to waste your life.   ~Gelek Rinpoche

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