time to be


When we make a good marriage with time . . . whatever sanity, patience, generosity, and creative genius we are able to achieve in life is not solely within our own remit. It comes from a real conversation with something other than ourselves . . .The closer we are to the productions of time–that is, to the eternal–the more easily we understand the particular currents we must navigate on any given day . . . If we want to understand the particulars of our reality, we must understand the way we conduct our daily relationship with the hours.
~David Whyte

and then the time just slipped away, and I spent the rest of my days worrying about all that I had lost…..

inquiry for today~  and then when the magic seeps in, how do you allow it to be there awhile, before fracturing it, dissecting it, limiting it, worrying it away?…….

sitting for a moment

In our culture we do not trust time. We try to defy time. We steal time. We kill time. We want to control the flow of event, instead of trusting in a natural progression- instead of trusting that we can and will meet life as it happens. We can give ourselves time. leaning into it, resting in it. When we do this the pressure comes off and we give ourselves permission to feel and experience- we can participate in our lives without having to control events.

~Gunilla Norris

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