holding tightly


Ajahn Chah called the practice of non-contentiousness “Stopping the War.” He pointed out how we are constantly in battle with the world, fighting against what is wrong, against what is too long or short, too fast or too slow, courageously carrying on the battle. “Why not step out of the battle?” he would say, inviting us to rest in the non-contentious heart. True strength also brings clarity, like a sword that cuts through illusion. It is called discriminating wisdom. When we are not locked in blame or struggle, we can see things as they are. “We can,” says Yeats, “make our minds so like still water that beings gather sound us that they may see- their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet.”    ~Jack Kornfield

for all of the longing and the pain and our responses to the outlier’s dream…..

inquiry for today~    this dignity of heart reveals our most despondent trepidations….how do you ‘stop the war?’

layers of suffering

In a world of tension and breakdown it is necessary for there to be those who seek to integrate their inner lives not by avoiding anguish and running away from problems, but by facing them in their naked reality and in their ordinariness.    ~Thomas Merton

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