a kinder memory


Service to others is not only a social ideal, it is a spiritual ideal and a spiritual necessity. Virtually all world spiritual traditions tell us that we serve the divine through caring for other people. You cannot isolate yourself and evolve in spiritual awareness. The Talmud states, “All men are responsible for each other.” And Jesus taught, “That which you do to the least of these my brethren you do unto me.” Classic mystical teachings remind us that the process of enlightenment unfolds for each one of us on a path that we walk alone. On that path, everyone we encounter matters. The message is that we are spiritually responsible for each other and we are meant to discover and nurture the divine that exists within each person. Out of this practice of noticing, of awakening to who is around us and what is around us, out of this mindfulness of ourselves and others, we create invisible acts of power.   ~Carolyn Myss

there is a memory somewhere that seeps in and reminds us of better times…..is it because of what remains?

inquiry for today~  reflect on the kindnesses you’ve chosen to offer this season…..and the details?

memories and such

Only when you cannot distrust, even if you want to, have you come to the very center of your being, from where arises the trust in existence, in life, in people, in trees. ~Osho

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