whose life is it?

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Following your heart means many things It means doing work that suits your deepest interests; being true to yourself in the kind of life you choose (and honest about what your want); and taking time to hear the small, inner voice that tells you if your are missing the mark of your deepest desires. William, 73, is an author, a researcher, and an advisor in people in life transition. He told me that much of his own sense of happiness had come from knowing he was being true to self. “I have found most of my purpose in a sense of destiny. To me destiny is not about the place you end up but the path that you are on. Each of us is born with a path we are meant to follow, not a place we will end up, but rather a certain set of experiences I am meant to have while I am here.” Being true to our self often involves hearing the one voice that calls us, even if others cannot hear it.   ~John Izzo

words like destiny, fate, and purpose become judgment or renewal at different moments in our lives…..

inquiry for today~   where is the next day leading? the next year?

and then we surrendered

Wisdom is knowing what to do next, virtue is doing it.   ~David Starr Jordan

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