heart to heart


Our life is the house, the rest are just projections, shadows of the greater structure: even our deepest thoughts, beliefs, you me and everything and everyone we’ve ever known, are subject to interpretation. All our constructions of reality, all the words and ideas we use to understand the world are fragile and temporary, they are a medium, they’re not the end, but just another way to understand the journey of Us. As such, our smaller houses, our temporary homes can only be made of cards. And the I-don’t-know is the most powerful ground you could lay your house of cards on. Because it allows you to adapt to any unexpected changes and even to pick up those cards when the smallest, sudden movement, brings down any of your structures. Loving the questions means to love yourself. You are the biggest question mark the world (your world) has ever known.   ~Andrea Balt

when we feel a deep call to be and live and dive in and breathe deeper, we are connecting our most vital human worth toward each other….

inquiry for today~   what is your worth? how are you connected to this worth through how you love?

what love is not

The Real has put the calling in the heart of human beings to make this return journey of the soul back to its true Home. Each mystical path carries a different quality of energy, a different ray of light. But this journey Home is just half of the cycle. There is also the energy of the Absolute flowing back into creation, continually sustaining creation. A human being aligned with Truth is the most extraordinary energy transmitter. She becomes like an open doorway from the Absolute down to creation. Such a human being becomes the link of love between the worlds.   ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


2 thoughts on “heart to heart

  1. Thank you again and again for ALL you Pour Forth with on this wordpress sharing……always SO Timely…..

    You can get a Glimpse of the Boutique we live with here on Bahamian island. Many or shall I say most of your Sharings and photos are so similar to the spirit/ambience here. Are you sure you have not traveled to this island?

    Big Love and Gratitude/Honour/Appreciation for you and all that you Are and Share.


    PS: And YES, we are with “yoga” on a rooftop deck overlooking Harbour and Ocean waters …birds often come to song us along! As they perch on a nearby pole….



    • Beautiful Dorothea….you touch on the potential in all of us…..and oh how we all connect…..nothing quite so intoxicating as the breeze on a tropical island…….thank you…..

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