hidden medicine


Right understanding asks questions of our hearts. What do we really value, what do we really care about in this life? Our lives are quite short. Our childhood goes by very quickly, then adolescence and adult life go by. We can be complacent and let our lives disappear in a dream, or we can become aware. In the beginning of practice we must ask what is most important to us. When we’re ready to die, what will we want to have done? What will we care about most? At the time of death, people who have tried to live consciously ask only one or two questions about their life: Did I learn to live wisely? Did I love well? We can begin by asking them now.   ~Jack Kornfield

create. love. repeat.

inquiry for today~   what is behind the blank slate of your day today?

how you live

At the edge of silence

you suddenly realized
that you had been given

the complete and utter gift
of your own transparency,

the revelation of your own
exact boundary with the world.

The frontier
between silence
and speech exactly the line
you must cross
to give yourself

while saving yourself,

the gleam in your heart and your eye,

another sun rising, the old memories
after a long night of absence
and the world again suddenly
worth risking,
worth seeing, worth innocence,
worth everything.

~David Whtye

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