how we are wired


In stillness, the various aspects of one’s spiritual unfolding come together, because it’s from the state of stillness, of nonconflict, that our deeper unfolding happens. This space is a natural stillness- natural in the sense that we’re not trying to be still. We simply realize that the only thing that can keep us from being still is when we argue with what is, when we judge or condemn what is or what was or what might be. Inner stillness is nothing but the absence of conflict.  ~Adyashanti

there is this charismatic alter ego we all think we need……and the authentic heart continues to rise up…..

inquiry for today~  where do you self-sabotage with judgment toward your finest effort? and notice how releasing can possibly realign the day…..

your heart knows

A human life is measured

at one hundred years.

Night takes half of it.

Childhood claims a portion,

so does old age.

The time that’s left you spend serving others,

you get sick,

your love affairs crumble-

It’s what Buddhists call duhkha.

Getting through life

is like fording a turbulent river.

Rocks, shoals, unseen reefs-

can joy come on its waters?



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