do what you need to do


Reflect on how you are now. Look into the deepest part of yourself. Can you sense the presence of a potential for change there? Arouse the confidence to believe that change is possible through effort, determination and wisdom. Take a vow to transform yourself not only for your own sake, but also, and especially, for the sake of one day being able to dispel the suffering of others and contribute to their enduring happiness. Let this determination grow and take root in the deepest part of your being.  ~Matthieu Ricard

it may never seem so vital to sit and shift in silence…..realize the moment to reveal a new teaching….

inquiry for today~   reflect on your practice and power of its day-to-day effects….listen in….

nurture to discover

It’s not enough to simply hear the teachings of the Buddha, even if they resonate with you. There’s still a requirement to apply those teachings in your actual, ordinary life. So we take refuge in the dharma, which is applying those teachings. It means investigating the nature and essence of our difficulty, even in the challenges that we face around injustice, or racism, cruelty, or isolation. Regardless of the difficulty, regardless of the stimulus, we investigate. It’s not about denying the validity of our suffering. It’s simply about looking deeply into the nature of what it is we are experiencing, and seeing for ourselves where the cause of that suffering lies.   ~Tuere Sala


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